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Elite Shoulder Pulley

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Spirit TCR

    Shoulder Pulley Elite

    Suffering from a shoulder injury, pain, or weakness?  A Shoulder Pulley is an important rehabilitation and exercise tool to help.  This Elite Shoulder Pulley can help you to increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and gain (or re-gain) strength in the rotatory cuff and shoulder joint and muscles.  Pulleys work with you to ensure no extra pressure is put on the injured area as the good shoulder does the work to improve the injured shoulder.

    The Shoulder Pulley Elite comes with comfortable handles that are easy to grip, a door anchor strap and easy to follow instructions.  The Elite model offers greater comfort in design and construction with these handles that include foam padding for easy gripping, a premium adjustable cord and a smoother pulley action that will lead to faster results.  Quick and easy setup:  place the strap between a door and doorjam and close the door.

    Product Features

    • Comfortable, padded loop handles
    • Premium 7' nylon cord, adjustable lengths
    • Smooth glide pulley system
    • Sturdy door anchor strap
    • Includes Instructional Guide with Exercises
    • by Spirit TCR

    Use & Care

    Keep clean.  Clean with antibacterial wipes or spray after each use.

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