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Why should I choose Hemp over Cotton?

Hemp is a wonderful alternative to cotton. We currently carry several items that are made from hemp - yoga straps, a yoga mat bag, yoga bolsters with hemp covers, and meditation cushions with hemp covers - to offer an eco-friendly option for our customers.

Benefits of Hemp

  • Hemp fiber is the longest, strongest, most durable, most elastic natural vegatable fiber
  • A normal stand of 200 to 300 plants per square meter shades out weeds, leaving the fields weed-free at harvest and covered in leaves that improve the soil in a self-mulching eco-system
  • A hemp field produces a very large bulk of plant material in a short period of time (stalks can reach 15 ft tall in 70-90 growing days). Yield can reach between 3 and 7 tons of dry hemp fiber stalk per acre
  • On a sustainable basis, hemp produces more pulp per acre than timber and can be used for every quality of paper. Creating hemp pulp reduces the need for acids and its creamy color lends itself to environmentally-friendly bleaching thereby reducing use of harsh chlorine compounds.
  • Hemp softens with each washing without fiber degradation.
  • All products made solely from hemp fiber are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Hemp planting reduces deforestation and improves the soil upon which it is grown

Why hemp is better than cotton

  • Globally, conventional cotton uses 25% of all insecticides and 10% of all pesticides. The hemp plant is highly resistant to most insect and disease, largely eliminating the need for most (or all) pesticides and herbicides.
  • It is estimated that less that 10% of the chemicals applied to cotton are accomplishing their tasks, the rest are absorbed into the plant, air, soil, water and eventually, our bodies
  • Hemp fiber is a better insulator than cotton fiber
  • Compared to cotton, hemp is stronger, more durable, won't mildew, is anti-microbial, shrinks less, is UV-protectant and uses less water
  • Cotton crops in the USA occupy 1% of the country's farmland but use 50% of all pesticides


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