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Video - How to Choose between a Round or Rectangle Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolsters:  Choosing Round or Rectangle

Buying a new yoga bolster?  Not sure which bolster shape is right for you?  Watch our short video to hear some thoughts on what you should consider when making your purchasing decision.

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone! It’s Kylie with Rolling Sands in Arvada, Colorado and as you are looking to make your bolster purchase you’re going to notice that there are two different shapes that we’ve got. We’ve got a rectangular bolster and then a round bolster and how do you know which bolster you like? A couple things to keep in mind, obviously the round bolster is higher so it’s going to lift you up just a little bit more. So if you take yourself in Savasana, with the rounded bolster as you lay back on it, you have more arch in the back and it’s going to allow your chest more opportunity to open up. If you’re not quite ready for that big opening, I would stay with the rectangle bolster. Once again in Savasana, you can use the bolster underneath your legs. If you use the rectangle underneath your knees you can lay it flat and just relax like this. You can also tilt it up so that it’s long-ways, your knees will be more bent here and then you can really relax. If you prefer a roundedness under your knees; I kind of prefer the rounded bolster behind my knees, it feels just a little bit softer and I can relax just a little bit more. I’ll just lay back in regular Savasana here. You don’t feel like you’re having to hold your legs up as much. You can just really soften and relax.

Now the other thing you want to think about is stability. When I used the round bolster in savasana, I was a little unstable because I was up so high, so if you need more stability, go with the rectangle. Finally, legs up the wall. With the rounded bolster, your hips are going to be elevated really high. So you lay back, sacrum on the bolster, and extend your feet to the ceiling, maybe supported by a wall, maybe not. You’ve got lots of lift here, nice curve in your lower lumbar spine, if you’re not quite ready for that big of a lift, stick with the rectangle. It’s just a couple inches off the ground. You’ve got the support, you’ve also got the energizing effect of the backbend going on.

Both are extremely comfortable. It just depends on what your body is ready for. So I hope this helps in your bolster buying decision. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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