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ToeSox Grip Socks

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    Five-Toed Grip Socks for Yoga or Pilates : Full Toe / Half Toe by ToeSox

    Whether your feet get cold or slippery during barefoot workouts, here is your solution! ToeSox have a five-toed design and a non-slip sole. We understand how difficult yoga can be and sometimes you just need a little extra grip to better your poses.  With these non-slip yoga socks, you can practice your stretches and poses without the fear of slipping. These ToeSox also eliminate blisters and foot arch stress during yoga poses and provides a hygienic barrier between your feet and the floor or your mat.

    The non-slip dots on the bottom of these yoga socks offer maximum control and balance on any surface. Which is great when practicing at home or in classes. This yoga socks are lightweight, easy to carry and put on, and can be used on or off the mat. Next time you practice, don’t forget you ToeSox! You won’t be disappointed.

    These yoga socks are great for men or women and the form-fitting, five-toe design allows each toe to move independently of one another to maintain proper alignment and a stronger foundation.

    Great to use during any barefoot activity - whether it's yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, using your Wii Fit, or during stretching exercises.  Or just wear them with your comfy flip-flops to keep the tootsies toasty while on the go!

    Size Chart

    Small:     Men's shoe (US): 5-7 Women's shoe (US): 6-8 

    Medium:   Men's shoe (US): 7.5-9.5 / Women's shoe (US): 8.5-10.5 

    Large:     Men's shoe (US): 10-12 / Women's shoe (US): 11-13

    X-Large:      Men's shoe (US): 12.5-14 / Women's shoe (US):  13.5-15


    Half-Toe / Ankle Cut:  The Half Toe style allows toes to touch the surface for a more 'barefoot' feeling.  The Ankle cut partially or fully covers the ankle bone.

    Full-Toe / Low Rise:  The Full Toe style fully covers the toes for warmth, more toe separation, and non-slip coverage under the toes.  The Low Rise cut hugs the foot below the ankle.

    Product Features

    • Made of 90% Organic Cotton, 10% Spandex
    • Silicon dots on bottom for non-slip coverage
    • Yoga socks for men and women / Uni-sex fit and style 
    • Benefits: five-toe design for independent movement of each toe, super absorbent and slip resistant
    • Colors Available: Black or Heather Grey
    • by ToeSox 

    Wash & Care Instructions

    Machine washable. Wash inside-out in gentle cycle. Line dry or low heat in dryer. Do not use bleach or iron.


    ToeSox as Pilates Socks

    Gymnast Joseph Pilates called his system of exercises Contrology‚ control of the muscles and your movements. Now known as Pilates, this form of exercise is changing bodies into strong beings. ToeSox with grips are great as Pilates socks, and they can help with your control.

    Non-Slip Grip:  First, our Pilates socks increase your control with the patented non-slip sole. They grip, so you don't have to worry about slipping on the foot bar of your Pilates reformer, or falling off the Pilates cadillac or chair. With your ToeSox on, you have control. And, that‚ is what Joe Pilates wanted for you all along. Stay neat, not sloppy, that‚ is control.

    Alignment:  ToeSox also have a horizontal stripe at the metatarsal head (where your foot and toes meet) that offers a visual cue for proper foot alignment during reformer, cadillac and mat workouts. It is an easy way for you and your instructor to notice and readjust as needed. The striped ToeSox collection has the same visual cues with the horizontal striping.

    Hygiene:  Where your feet go, your head and hands may soon follow. Wear our Pilates toe socks in class to ensure the cleanest surfaces on the Cadillac, reformer, and floor. Wear ToeSox Pilates socks to class - slip out of your shoes (even flip flops) and head into class without your bare feet ever touching the studio floor. ToeSox Pilates socks are great for instructors - walk the class and adjust students, while your bare feet stay clear of odor and dirty feet.

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