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YogaPaws Elite (Hands Only)

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    Yoga-Paws Elite  :  Hands Only

    Yoga-Paws are patented grips that fit over your hands for control and cushioning when doing yoga or Pilates.  Yoga-Paws Hands will help keep you from slipping when on a mat.  The 4mm thick natural rubber material in the Paws also provides cushioning for those with sore wrists.

    The NEW Elite Yoga-Paws are now made of ultra durable, ultra non-slip Natural Rubber.

    Yoga Paws can be used with or without a mat.  When practicing without a mat, you may wish to purchase a set of hands and feet.  If you sweat and have trouble sticking to your mat during practice, Yoga-Paws will keep you from slipping to enhance your practice.  Moisture absorbent lining keeps you dry and locked in place.  Offers extra padding for comfort.  Small enough to fit in your purse or travel bag, Yoga-Paws is your mat substitute allowing you to take your practice with you without any inconvenience.

    Yoga-Paws Hands are stabilized with finger webbing and a velcro strap at the back of the hand.  Back of the hand is mesh for breathability. 

    Common Uses for Yoga-Paws

    • Hot Yoga and/or sweaty palms & feet - absorbs sweat, non-slip palms and soles prevents slipping inside the glove and out
    • For Wrist support - palms offer 4mm of Natural Rubber padding to help cushion the hands relieving pain and strain in weight-bearing poses
    • For Weight Lifting - comfort and non-slip grip for free weights or on equipment.  Protect your hands from callouses and blisters

     Product Features

    • Set includes 2 hands
    • Made of durable & eco-friendly Recycled Natural Rubber
    • Palm of hands made with 4mm Natural Rubber
    • External Seams in the hands for comfort and better grip
    • Velcro strap on back of hand for custom fit
    • "Safety" straps between the fingers to keep the paws in place and to keep fingers separated and energized
    • Back of hands made with breathable mesh fabric
    • Inside of hands have absorbable towel liner to absorb sweat
    • Available in Black
    • by Yoga-Paws

     Fitting & Sizing Chart

    Yoga Paws hand measuring

    • How to measure the hand:  With your hand flat against a table wrap soft measuring tape around your hand at the widest point (usually the knuckles), and make a loose fist. Note the measurement, round it to the nearest inch, and refer to the chart below to find your appropriate glove size.
    • Size #1:  5 1/2 - 6 1/2"  (Women's XS)
    • Size #2:  7-8" (Most Women)
    • Size #3:  8-9 1/2"  (Women's Large/Men's Small)
    • Size #4:  9-10 1/2"  (Most Men)

    **If you are on the cusp of two sizes, choose the smaller size

    Wash & Care Instructions 

    Turn Yoga Paws inside-out. Hand wash using cool water and gentle soap.  Air dry.

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