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Yogi Finders

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    Yogi Finders  :  An Active Memory Game

    A fun way of developing memory skills and exercising the body.  A fast-paced game to find the matching pose and hold it.  Pick a card, find the pose, perform the pose successfully and you keep the card. See who collects 12 cards first wins.

    Lots of everlasting fun.  The 4 large board pieces are printed on both sides so you can change up the game and constantly challenge players over and over.

    This game has been the recipient of the Parents’ Choice Silver Award 2013 and the Creative Child Magazine’s 2013 Preferred Choice Award.

    Benefits of the Game

    • Increases visual recognition
    • Develops the brain
    • Provides greater flexibility

    Product Features

    • 12 tokens to match yoga postures
    • 86 yoga-pose cards
    • 4 double-sided game boards
    • 1 instruction sheet
    • For ages 6+
    • For 2-4 players
    • by Upside Down Games
    Yogi Finders from Upside Down Games ()
    • Yogi Finders from Upside Down Games

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