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Snack Bowls and More

Shop for your new USA-Made, reusable BPA-Free plastic serving ware here. Offered in a variety of colors. Whether for individual use or for gathering with friends and family, these items will come in handy. For use indoors or outdoors.

Our plastic serveware are sold plain, with no logos, which makes it perfect for you to customize or personalize on your own. Decorate or imprint for kids’ birthday parties, tailgating, holiday parties, Super Bowl parties, promotional events, corporate marketing, and any do-it-yourself inspired creative moment.


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  • Dip-It Snack Bowls Color Coordinate for a Party Two Compartments For Snacks and Dips Personal Size Dipping Snack Bowl

    Snack & Dip Bowls

    Snack & Dip Bowl : BPA-Free, USA Made Offering the convenience of a two-in-one snack bowl, this Snack Bowl has two compartments for easy dipping.  One smaller 1/2 cup section for all kinds of dips, and one larger 2-cup section for the main...

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