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Hallie Wastell

Hallie Wastell

Posted by Rolling Sands on 7th Oct 2016

To be perfectly honest, I'm still in shock.  Hallie was one of those truly magical people.  One full of so much life, strength, courage and grace that I always believed that if someone had the ability to beat this cancer, it would've been her.  She fought hard.  From day one.  Til her last breath.  Blessedly, she is now cancer free and free of her bodily pain.  The rest of us are trying to figure out how to move on without her.  And we will, with time and each other.  Hallie was such a gracious teacher that so many people will carry on her light and continue to spread positivity, joy for life, compassion, friendship, and all that she shared with us.  Hallie, you will forever be in our hearts.

Hallie was an active voice in spreading the awareness of ovarian cancer.  The symptoms for ovarian cancer are very subtle.  Please know the symptoms for your health and well-being. 

Her family is still in need of our support, so please see my prior post to see how you could help them.

If you are interested in attending her memorial service on October 15th, please contact the store for details at 303-422-1452.

Our prayers and love go out to the entire Wastell/Olson family.