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Help for Hallie

Help for Hallie

Posted by Rolling Sands on 27th Sep 2016

Help for someone with cancer can occur in many forms.  And that is what many of Hallie's friends are offering to her at this from many angles and in many ways.

On October 1st (this Saturday), her friend Sarah Margaux is leading a donation-based yoga and meditation class to help send lots of love and healing energy her way.  100% of the donations offered will go to supporting the Wastell family. 

To learn more and sign-up :

Sarah's event will be gifting Gift Bags and you'll have a chance to enter into raffle prizes...don't be surprised to see some goodies from Rolling Sands there!

The financial burden of cancer does not stop with the medical bills. We, Hallie's family at Rolling Sands, have placed an Offering Jar at the store knowing that many of our customers who would recognize Hallie as one of our employees would like to contribute to help Hallie and her family with their bills, loss of income, etc.

Her family has created a GoFundMe page at since Hallie has friends in many states.

Hallie, and her friend Emily, own and operate Mountain Moon Tees.  Whenever you purchase one of their products, you are supporting Hallie!  I love wearing mine, and send her extra blessings throughout the day when I have one on!  Available at Rolling Sands, on their website and in several other locations from Denver to Boulder.

Are you a skateboarder?  Consider buying a special Hallie Heart Skateboard in teal at Sined Sk8boards :

Prayers and Meditation.  Sending healing energy, positive visions, emotional support and strength to her and her family is magical.  The power of prayer can be felt by those receiving such loving and supportive thoughts.  Keep it flowing!

Thank you for your support on Hallie's behalf.  I wanted to give our customers this information to be able to contribute in the way that fits them most comfortably.


Diane Thomas