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New Product : Reusable Party Cup with Lid

New Product : Reusable Party Cup with Lid

Posted by Rolling Sands on 24th Jul 2018

Party Cups

Most everyone is familiar with the iconic Solo Red Party Cup from college days or barbecues.  Now we are offering a party cup that has the same feel and look, but even better!  This party cup is a keeper!  

It's reusable and made with BPA-free plastic.  It's durable.  It's double-walled to insulate your drinks and keep them at the right temperature longer, whether hot or cold.  It comes with a lid, too, to keep your drink clean and to also maintain its temperature.  And it's not just red...we offer fifteen different colors for you to choose from so you can match your home decor, the colors on your boat or motorhome, your personal taste, your school colors, or the theme of your party!  

Come and take a look at the colors that are available from deep and rich, light and bright, to bold neon.