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We hope to make your shopping experience easier and more comfortable by sharing these common questions and answers on the products available. You will be able to make more knowledgeable decisions on the proper sizing of items or in selecting from the different materials available.  Learn more about yoga, meditation, balance training, core fitness, muscle recovery and about the products that will help you get where you want to go.  We are developing our video library of expert advice for you as well, so look for the video icon to find our videos.

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Other Yoga Props

Company Info

Where are you located?  And, can I buy my supplies at your location?                                 
What are your shipping charges?    

Learn More About Yoga

What are the different types (or styles) of yoga?     

All About Yoga Mats

What length yoga mat should I choose?    My natural rubber mat smells.  Will that rubber smell go away?
Which thickness should I choose when selecting a yoga mat?     How can I stop slipping on my Manduka Mat?
Yoga mat materials - what is in your mat?    

All About Yoga Blocks

What size yoga block should I buy?    How to choose between the 3" & 4" Yoga Blocks?   videoicon.jpg 
Yoga blocks:  Weighing In   How a beginner can use Yoga Blocks   videoicon.jpg
How to clean yoga blocks?   How to use yoga blocks to advance your practice   videoicon.jpg 

All About Yoga Blankets

How to Fold & Roll a Yoga Blanket   videoicon.jpg   How to use Yoga Blankets in Restorative Yoga   videoicon.jpg
How to use a Yoga Blanket for easier Forward Folds   videoicon.jpg   How to use a Yoga Blanket if you have Knee discomfort   videoicon.jpg
How to use a Yoga Blanket for support in Pigeon Pose   videoicon.jpg   How to use a Yoga Blanket if you have tight Hamstrings   videoicon.jpg
How to use a Yoga Blanket in Shoulderstand   videoicon.jpg   How to use a Yoga Blanket to build Ab/Core Strength   videoicon.jpg 

Other Yoga Props

Which shape yoga bolster should I choose?    How to choose between a round or rectangle yoga bolster?  videoicon.jpg
How to choose a yoga towel     Yoga Bolsters:  Compare the Brands    videoicon.jpg
Pranayama Cushions:  Compare the Brands       How to use a Yoga Bolster   videoicon.jpg
     Pranayama Cushions:  Compare the Brands   videoicon.jpg

Understanding Eco-Friendly Materials

Why should I choose hemp over cotton?    What are buckwheat hulls? 
Why should I buy a cork yoga block?   What is kapok?

Learn More About Meditation Supplies

How to set up your meditation cushion and meditation bench    What is a Mala?  
Using Singing Bowls to Balance the Chakras   How to use a Mala
Healing Properties of Gemstones   Pi Meditation Benches - Compare the Three  videoicon.jpg

Fitness Products - Instructions

Chin Up Bar installation instructions    
How to properly inflate a stability ball /yoga ball    
Pro-Tec Stretch Band - Guide for Static Stretches    
Pro-Tec Stretch Band - Guide for Dynamic Stretches    

Other / Product Details

Aspen Mulling Spices Recipes    Thera Cane - Product Details and Trigger Points
Tips for Hanging your Emperor Gong